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Cornelio Cappelini Collections

Regardless of whether you want to create a cozy home for yourself, or are engaged in design, our furniture collections will provide you with unlimited storage solutions, as well as a beautiful appearance and impeccable design.
From our timeless furniture made from valuable varieties of wood, finishes made of genuine leather and fabric, you can choose exclusive collections for any room decor, with a choice of bedrooms, living room dining areas, as well as cabinets and bars — to customize the general appearance of your home in accordance with specific needs with Cornelio Cappelini is very easy.

Why choose collections from Cornelio Cappelini?

Cornelio Cappelini is a unique unity of elegance and coziness. Thanks to our masters you get:

  • high-quality furniture made from natural and high-quality materials;
  • unique design;
  • a huge assortment for absolutely any style of design;
  • ergonomic furniture, specially created to ensure the comfort of even the smallest room.

By choosing Cornelio Cappelini furniture, you can make your dreams come true.

Cornelio Cappelini Collections

To satisfy absolutely all tastes in organizing the space of your home, our experienced specialists have created 6 exclusive collections.

  1. Collection 2012 is the best combination of sophistication, chic and aristocracy. Living room, dining area, lighting and decor — everything is created only to emphasize your love of the classics: leather, marble, crystal, Bohemian glass — the main details of this unique design. Furniture in natural pastel colors will only emphasize the exquisite style of your rooms.
  2. Collection 2013 has collected everything that is associated with the word luxury. The soft curves of the headboards and sofas, the smooth lines of the chairs for the dining area, elegant chandeliers and lamps, gilded decor and Bohemian glass — there is nothing better for creating the perfect aristocratic design.
  3. Collection 2014. Wood, leather, natural stone and fabric in unity with a sophisticated design — all this is harmoniously combined by our designers in the 2014 collection. Upholstered soft furniture in pastel colors with soft lines is perfection in details.
  4. For fans of art deco Collection 2015 is simply an indispensable solution. The cozy living room, dining area, bedroom, study and bar are ideal for those who want to forget about the hustle and bustle of the modern world and remember about luxury and high style. Buying Cornelio Cappelini furniture — you buy two in one: comfort combined with elegance.
  5. Collection 2016 incorporated the chic and aristocracy of the classics, in parallel with the simplicity and clarity of the modern style. Maximum simplicity with a touch of elegance — this is the main idea of ​​Collection 2016.
  6. Collection 2017 is an ideal option for lovers of simplicity in every corner of their home. Straight lines, strict design, loft-style lighting — do you recognize yourself in these details? Then Collection 2017 is just for you.

All six collections are designed by our designers and brought to life by masters with only one single purpose — to bring comfort, coziness and a touch of elegance to your home.

Explore our entire range of home furniture sourced from Italy to buy luxury furniture for yourself: attractive headboards and bedroom sets, polished and practical sofas, elegant chairs and other furniture for your home. With our affordable design, it’s easy to refresh your home with quality furniture. Looking for inspiration? We even simplified this with the proposed design solutions.
Cornelio Cappelini is your assistant in creating a unique design that can emphasize your personality. Remember — nothing reveals a person as much as his house, his internal energy and tastefully selected furniture.