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Collection 2017

From the middle of the last century, design and inspiration have been part of our stunning assortment of classic and contemporary furniture. Cornelio Cappellini projects are suitable for any style, with an emphasis on innovation, quality and skilled craftsmanship, offering designer furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom and home office.

Why are Cornelio Cappellini the best?

For several years, the brand of luxury Italian furniture Cornelio Cappellini creates incredible masterpieces for home comfort.

  1. High-quality design and first-class craftsmanship are the foundation of every piece of furniture that we offer. Our desire to produce the best home designs can be seen in the selection of fabrics, materials and design details.
  2. We believe that good design should be affordable – there is something suitable for any square meter and budget in the Cornelio Cappellini furniture range.

Collection 2017 by Cornelio Cappellini — everything you need for your home

We have all the necessary furniture collections to create the unity and harmony of the design of your space.

  • The living room is a place where you can come together to relax and unwind. We have a range of all shapes, sizes and styles to fit your unique space. Living room furniture with simple symmetry and patterns in the form of parallel lines is the embodiment of a modern idea that provides ample storage space along with an incredible design.
  • The dining room collection brings together brands famous for exquisite craftsmanship and practical design of the highest rank. Making a statement with furniture that acts as the center of any dining room is what Cornelio Cappellini can do. We offer various colors and materials to suit the environment.
  • A modern bedroom should be beautiful and comfortable a third of our lives pass in bed. Quality design that promotes rest and relaxation is the key to good night after night.
  • Constant work and lack of rest makes the office a boring space. Our extensive home office furniture collection is designed to inspire and motivate, transforming space into a work environment that is right for you. Each piece of furniture and accessory in this assortment gives you the freedom to create a place of concentration and productivity.

Buying Collection 2017 from Cornelio Cappellini – you create a space at home that you never want to change.