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2015 Cornelio Cappellini collection

Fill the house with furniture that brings comfort and coziness as soon as you cross the threshold — from comfortable sections that can put together all kinds of decor elements and lovely trinkets to your heart, to a comfortable wide bed that provides you with a sweet sleep.

Do not save on comfort — a cozy house works wonders: in such a room you can easily relax after a hard day’s work, you can relax, spend a pleasant evening with your family and just get aesthetic pleasure thanks to the Collection 2015 line from Cornelio Cappellini.

What does the Collection 2015 from Cornelio Cappellini offer?

In this collection, even the most demanding customer will be able to find the perfect option.

  • Furniture for the living room. From leather to fabric, choose a sofa or chair — this is not only the center of the room, but also a comfortable, soft corner for relaxation. Cornelio Cappellini furniture is available in a variety of designs to complement an existing decor or completely revitalize it. From leather chairs with tall wooden frames to low ones with luxurious fabric upholstery, you can easily choose what helps you create and personalize your own living space. Sofas, chests of drawers, bars, shelving allow you to create versatility, opportunity and flexibility in the living space.
  • Coffee and side tables. Complement your room with a cozy place for tea or reading the press. Cornelio Cappellini coffee tables and side tables invite you and your guests to sit down and relax with a cup of tea. They are created for emphasis, but at the same time they will allow you to keep all the necessary things at hand.
  • Puffs. Soft, comfortable, and most importantly elegant interior elements, they are capable of dramatically changing your living space in an instant and giving comfort to such an intimate area as a bedroom.
  • Bedside tables. Keep the right things at hand before bed in our modern chest of drawers and on the nightstands. They are perfect for your bedroom style to complement your ensemble.
  • The bed is perhaps the most important piece of furniture. It not only demonstrates your personal taste and creates a relaxing atmosphere, it is also a place to relax at the end of a difficult day. Buying Collection 2015 from Cornelio Cappellini — you buy your dream.

Looking for great designer furniture for your home, you have come to the right place. At Cornelio Cappellini you can choose from a wide range of modern furniture, lighting and art objects to create the perfect mood and atmosphere in the home.