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Factory official Cornelio Cappellini furniture in Russia

Picturesque Italy … A country in which there is opera, and “mystical” creativity, as well as elegant furniture. Italian masters managed to masterfully combine the tradition of the past with the ease of the present. Hopes, mechanisms, high-quality fittings and special types of furniture design from Italy are popular not only at home but throughout the world. Cornelio Cappellini Moscow Salon of Italian Furniture offers a wide range of exquisite Italian furniture from the classic style to the modern, absolutely for all rooms, which in turn guarantees you a single design ensemble throughout the room. A single thought and style is comfort and coziness in your home!

Elite furniture “Cornelio Cappellini” everything you need for furniture, including in Russia, thanks to the official dealer of Royal Room.

What do we offer our customers?

Our furniture company “Elite Furniture” Cornelio Cappellini “has all the necessary conditions for furniture, new items and innovations in the field of furniture.

  • Living room furniture. The living room is a meeting place. Historically, the living room is the visiting card of any good host and expresses our individual lifestyle.
  • Dining area. Time spent in a friendly atmosphere is of great importance, especially when it comes to the dining room, where you welcome guests.
  • The bedroom. The relaxation area is the most secluded place in the house. At the end of the day, you can close the door to the hectic work, daily stress and recover yourself.
  • The office. The training/work area is often also a reception area, which deserves special attention in connection with the current workload for an active person.
  • The bar. It’s easy to create a corner for “male conversations” at home with our brand.
  • Exquisite lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the perfect design. Our chandeliers are your emphasis in every room.
  • Decor from our designers is the creation of comfort and a complete look of interior design.

Why are we the best?

Elite Italian furniture Cornelio Cappellini is a family-owned company that has been on the market since the middle of the last century, so we can offer our customers only quality furniture, tested over the years by the best masters of northern Italy.

  1. Work processes using various high-quality materials, such as metals, handmade Murano glass parts obtained during casting, soft-touch leather, details made of artistic ceramics and precious wood, as well as the design of modern forms, allowed Cornelio Cappellini to present unique and Exclusive collections at Salone del Mobile Milano 2019.
  2. The balance of materials. The modern vibrations arising from the synergy of vibrant colors, sophisticated materials and finishes, fully realized by Cornelio Cappellini, describe the exquisite taste of our products.
  3. The perfect combination of the best materials, attention to detail and Italian craftsmanship. The atmosphere of art deco combines with cutting-edge shapes, bringing freshness to the most exclusive homes around the world. An eternal style that embodies the concepts of comfort and elegance, creating an intimate but unique atmosphere.
  4. New technologies go hand in hand with the work of skilled craftsmen, whose experience is passed down from generation to generation and is still present at every stage of production.
  5. Research into elegant and sophisticated formal solutions, meticulously crafted details and an accurate selection of materials ensure that every piece of furniture, accessory and item is a unique element that embodies the spirit of the Cornelio Cappellini brand.
  6. The reward. Designed for Shanghai 2019’s Design Shanghai Picks to mark the 6th anniversary of Design Shanghai, the Diamond Vault, created by CC Creative Director Claudio Cappellini, won the Design Shanghai Picks 2019, a special prize that is awarded every year as evidence of the high standards of participating brands and designers in the areas of design concepts, production technologies, culture and art. A rigorous panel of judges was made up of renowned representatives of the design world, including Darrell Best and Ross Urwin, Design Shanghai Creative Director, Tan Zhuo, Design Shanghai Director, Aldo Sibik, Cibic Workshop Founder, Sebastian Gere, Creative Thinker and International Designer, Shishang Building CEO Chen Wei, freelance designer and digital artist Zhang Zhoujie.

Our advantages

We offer our customers:

  • a huge assortment of styles: classic, neoclassic, modern, baroque, minimalism, art deco;
  • development of the best designers in Italy;
  • selection of furniture that fits perfectly into your interior design;
  • high-quality materials.

What could be better than quality furniture from a company that has been the best on the furniture market for decades!

Italian furniture in Moscow “Cornelio Cappellini” is a ready-made concept for decorating your home. Fashion trends and technological issues related to the production of household goods. The conceptual views of our manufacturer are filled with the philosophy of the most current trends in the fashion world of furniture. All created collections are elegance, style and perfection in every detail. Warm fashion trends, a variety of models, an atmosphere of warmth, harmony and sophistication in your home