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Collection 2018

The pseudonym gives each designer the necessary freedom for creativity and experimentation, trying not to limit his imagination. Cornelio Cappellini factory has the technological potential to realize the most innovative ideas. This approach defined the essence of Collection 2018. The individual characteristics of each designer furniture make Cornelio Cappellini unique.

The world success of furniture predetermined this collection: it was a long and painstaking work to develop production technologies, a thorough study of world cultural and design trends, and ensuring impeccable product quality.

Based on the great experience of our brand, a powerful technological infrastructure was created, which became the foundation for the further development of high-tech production.

Cornelio Cappellini — modern design and high technology

The triumph of modern design and innovative high-tech materials Cornelio Cappellini’s true calling

This is evidenced by the choice of designers who create furniture for Cornelio Cappellini. These are famous, talented people from different countries, different generations and different design traditions. Over the years, the company has created a special artistic business relationship with each of these people. Trying to hear them and help to realize any creative idea, not being afraid to experiment. Therefore, each individual collection has its own personality, which corresponds to the uniqueness of the designer who created it.

New modern furniture Collection 2018 is an extraordinary collection for home and office, for meeting rooms and a restaurant.

The international success of our brand is based on the painstaking work of employees at all technological stages of furniture production from generating ideas to packaging the final product.

In addition to the constant pursuit of innovation, buying luxury furniture from the new Cornelio Cappellini collection, you get:

  • goods of stable efficient production;
  • high standards of product quality;
  • professional, modern design;
  • furniture with an emphasis on environmental protection.

What is unique about the Collection 2018 Cornelio Cappellini

We create elegant, but at the same time practical elite furniture that can give comfort and chic to your home. The furniture presented in the new collection is:

  • drawing rooms — ultramodern sets, incorporating notes of chic and elegance of the best Italian houses;
  • furniture for dining areas — welcome guests at a chic marble table and on the best leather furniture;
  • a bedroom — modern + classic — this combination is suitable for any interior solution of housing;
  • sophisticated design lighting models — pendant lamps made of crystal and Murano glass will become an indispensable accent of your living space;
  • Elite Italian cabinet furniture — create exquisite comfort for important decisions.

Today Cornelio Cappellini furniture is a confirmation of Italian quality, combined with sophisticated design and unrivaled comfort. Buying Collection 2018 Cornelio Cappellini — you equip your home with comfort and in accordance with modern design solutions.