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Cornelio Cappellini Collection 2016

The luxurious Cornelio Cappellini furniture design for a lively atmosphere is based on a coordinated and complete project inspired by the luxurious and elegant art deco style.

Cornelio Cappellini’s products are entirely made in Italy by skilled craftsmen blending high quality raw materials and great Italian traditions in design. The 2016 collection is inspired by the latest trends, offers a wide selection of colors and materials for the most demanding interior design projects, for a common look, coordinated in all details.

Cornelio Cappellini produces an extensive collection of home furnishings:

  • furniture for the living area: sofas, armchairs, chairs, side tables and coffee tables, chests of drawers and cabinets;
  • bedroom: beds, bedside tables and tables, poufs;
  • dining room: dining tables of various shapes, armchairs and chairs, shelving;
  • cabinet: desks, leather chairs, shelves;
  • lighting devices: chandeliers and lamps;
  • accessories exuding sophisticated sophistication, from outstanding design consistency to timeless style, unsurpassed comfort and superior quality.

Cornelio Cappellini products are designed to give style and elegance to residential and hotel spaces.

Collection 2016 by Cornelio Cappellini

Collection 2016 is based on the same sophisticated styles that were present in the products of previous lines. The informal, timeless elegance and unrivaled comfort that have always distinguished Cornelio Cappellini products from other brands are now reflected in a collection of modern furniture that embodies the company’s ability to bring strong design values ​​to products of the highest quality and durability.

The atmosphere radiated by Collection 2016 is intimate and sophisticated. The stylistic signature of the collection ranges from retro to art deco with flashes of modern inspiration. Traits of the traditional style are rethought with modern, modernized forms and reduced proportions. Buying Collection 2016 from Cornelio Cappellini – you become the happy owner of high-quality, comfortable furniture that has proved itself to be the best in the world market.