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Collection Cornelio Capelline 2013

Stylish luxurious furniture sets always reflected the taste of their owners and brought a vivid impression to guests at home. Italian furniture from Cornelio Cappelini, in particular the Collection 2013 line, is not only the gold standard of style, but also emphasizes the high status of home owners. It is difficult to imagine housing without a sofa, comfortable armchairs, chairs, a coffee table, a bed, high-quality lighting and decoration elements. Regardless of whether the guests come to you or you are going with the whole family for an evening pastime, your home should provide a comfortable rest from the city bustle.

Elite Italian furniture in the house emphasizes your taste, offering the highest quality that will serve you for many years. Italian craftsmen with great love for furniture designed for the whole family. The interweaving of ancient traditions and modern innovations in design and handmade warmth create a real masterpiece that deserves your attention.

Why is it worth staying at the Collection 2013 Cornelio Cappelini?

If you decide to opt for Collection 2013 — you made the right decision because:

  1. Collection 2013 by Cornelio Cappelini in its entire ensemble is focused on furniture made of fine wood. It is often decorated with gold leaf, mother of pearl and coated with the best natural varnish. Expensive fabrics, leather, stone and metal complement the elegant look, creating a cozy and beautiful place to relax.
  2. Modern furniture includes all the necessary elements: an elegant table that sets the general atmosphere of the room, a marble countertop, curved legs and clear glass all this variety can emphasize and continue the general style of the house. Particular attention should be paid to luxury cabinets and shelves for the living room. In addition to the unique decoration, they provide the opportunity to create your own special style with the help of your souvenirs, art objects or antique utensils. Spacious shelves for books and a niche for TV panels will help to functionally equip your living room — they make it possible to create your own unique design using simple souvenirs, art objects or antique utensils. A spacious and comfortable bed is all that is needed for a comfortable rest after a hard day.
  3. Lighting fixtures and decor — elements that create accents that can turn any, even not quite thought-out design into a single harmonious line.

Buying Collection 2013 from Cornelio Cappelini — you get more than just a furniture set — you “get” the soul of your home, its style and comfort, elegance and coziness in a single solution.