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Collection 2012

From the recognized experience in the production of classic furniture in the world, we come up with a proposal combining luxury and sophistication of craftsmanship with a more modern and pure taste: we are talking about a modern line, the latest addition to Cornelio Cappelini, able to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly wider public.

The Cornelio Cappelini Collection 2012 line shares the classic craftsmanship of products with its customers and the pursuit of excellence in every detail with a particular taste for detail.

Beauty is manifested in the smallest details, and we pay attention to every nuance so that no one remains deprived of attention: on the contrary, they all have a strong character that can demonstrate their sophistication at first glance.

The Cornelio Cappelini Collection 2012 line is designed for an audience with a modern taste who wants to create at the same time a cozy, warm and sophisticated atmosphere, unique in composition.

Precious materials and craftsmanship: luxury from Cornelio Cappelini

The foundation of any craft production signed by Cornelio Cappelini is craftsmanship prerequisite for the actual production of high-quality furniture. Experienced carpenters give life to what we can consider unique objects in which excellence is an important characteristic.

  • We trust our furniture to northern Italy workers, recognized as the best in terms of production quality: this is the furniture that we want to continue with the Cornelio Cappelini line, aimed at the classic world that is now spreading across all continents and is increasingly valued.
  • The choice of materials naturally accompanies workmanship: for all Cornelio Cappelini furniture, we use only the best wood and the most beautiful fabrics and leather. We always use raw materials that can give each product a special sophistication and luxury, which are a trademark for our collections, giving them a sense of classiness and exclusivity.
  • Exquisite and elegant line Cornelio Cappelini Collection 2012 is a unique, inimitable design able to recreate comfort in any room.

When we started creating the Collection 2012 line, the idea was to breathe life into a production that combines the luxury of our offerings with the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by your place to live in accordance with the needs and rhythms of our time, but never giving up from the elegance and desire of an environment that reflects the character of those who live there.

Buying Collection 2012 Cornelio Cappelini you get a successful combination of all these needs in the perfect style of our brand.