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Collection 2019

Since the 1950s, the family-owned company Cornelio Cappellini has been producing luxury furniture and accessories in a classic style for the luxury furniture market segment. In 2019, the company adapted to lifestyle changes by developing Collection 2019, which has a strong accent of glamor — in the current decade, it has created this collection, which is distinguished by luxurious finishes such as varnish, Murano glass and precious design elements. Each new model, developed by a team of in-house designers coordinated by Claudio Cappellini, is based on ongoing research conducted around the world over the years.

Cornelio Cappellini — a bet on elegance

Buying the new Collection 2019 Cornelio Cappellini — you rely on elegance in modern interior design

Collection 2019 is a modern project implemented by Cornelio Cappellini with its unique goal — to promote a production culture in the field of industrial and internal design by rationalizing the elements of greatest interest in terms of developing the design and culture of modern housing.

The idea is to make the most of the region’s assets, showcasing them and making them available to the markets where this collection is held.

Collection 2019 Cornelio Cappellini is imbued with the chic Italian style of the past and more modern, but no less beautiful art deco. This is explained quite simply — the history of the company began with the rivalry of French and Italian masters more than half a century ago. While in the creation of furniture the former ruled the ball, the latter did not want to concede anything to them. Over time, Italians managed to surpass the French by a hundredfold, and to this day they keep the brand — after all, today Cornelio Cappellini modern furniture is considered one of the best furniture manufactures not only in Italy, but throughout the world.

Exclusive Collection 2019 Cornelio Cappellini

Talented designers collaborate with Cornelio Cappellini, who are known for their modern outlook on adapting classic Italian interiors to the contemporary design of living spaces. Most of the furniture is made and decorated (carved, inlaid) manually and singularly, which makes it exclusive.

Collection 2019 Cornelio Cappellini furniture models are adorned with star mansions, fashionable hotels, chic restaurants, theaters and museums around the world.

In the new development of Collection 2019 designers, you can purchase:

  • luxury furniture for the living room;
  • modern, but at the same time chic set for the dining area;
  • comfortable and elegant furniture for the bedroom;
  • cutting-edge decor and lighting.

When buying luxury furniture from Cornelio Cappellini from the new 2019 collection, you can be sure of its safety — after all, the factory only works with environmentally friendly materials, as well as authenticity, which is confirmed by the passport that accompanies each product.